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Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase 

What a dream come true this is HUGE NEWS.
As an emerging global country artist I am humble to announce I have been selected to participate in a showcase where I have the potential to win:

-Single release with Warner Music Canada 
-Performance at Boots & Hearts Festival in 2022

-Professional Songwriting Session 
-Management Sessions from Invictus Entertainment

Click HERE to cast your vote and help make my dream come true.


Jarrid Lee

New Radio Single  

Are you ready for some new music? 

"Let's Get Gone" based on a true story.....just ask my wife Marcella J Poitras she's the one who wanted to get the heck out of St.Paul and back into the big bright city lights of Saskatoon.  
We literally left every stone unturned in my old dirt town and decided to just pack up one night and go, so as we were packing I laughed and told her I know you don't like it here so................... 

I'm more than certain we have all been feeling a little  more than cooped up lately and this song is dedicated to anyone that has been craving that feeling of walking down the isle to an awaiting jet plane or to the avid road tripper this song is definitely for YOU!  

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: June 3rd to Canadian Country Radio and College Radio in North America along with June 10th on all Digital Platforms 

Pre-save is song here

 Yours in music Jarrid Lee 

Photo Credits = Laurel T Sapp Photography

New Music Video coming soon......... 

It’s apparent that every artist needs to be able to have a visual along with their music that can better tell the story so we are doing just that. I have been living in Saskatoon for 5 years now and I have had the opportunity of working in one of the most beautiful buildings downtown called the Remai Modern Art Gallery where we filmed “Up on Stage” on location as well as the rooftop.

Once I had an idea in my head it was hard to let go so I began searching out for people to help make this visual art into a living piece I can be proud of and I didn’t have to search very far until running into Canadian Indigenous Hip Hop Legend Barry “Blu” Morin.

We began coming up with a story line with the purpose  behind the music video focused on being up on stage alone with no fans, and with all the back and forth work we put into the storyline I’m certain you will all like it. We find as artists we are missing entertaining along with all of your loving support as fans we all miss being “Up on Stage.”

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the music video on YouTube, Facebook, Tidal and Vimeo in May of 2021.... and NEW MUSIC COMING SOON TOO!!!!!!!

Racism in the industry? 

Too many times I’ve been faced with racism in my life to count and I didn’t expect it from my colleagues but it is what it is. Let’s talk about and make things right so we can have a better brighter future. To read part of the story click the link. 

“Up on Stage hits #1 Spot  

Jarrid Lee goes to #1 

Jarrid Poitras aka Jarrid Lee is an award winning singer/songwriter from St.Paul who now currently resides in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. After his debut album released in June of 2020, Jarrid found himself on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown with host Walter James Scott climbing the charts starting in October of 2021. This countdown features some of Canada’s top Independent artists which means that they are not signed to a major record label and this countdown gives them the platform needed to reach wider audiences with the show broadcasting on 20 different stations and various countries around the world. “This past year was very challenging for me so I had to find ways to adapt and overcome during the midst of a global pandemic .” says Jarrid Lee. After 12 weeks of voting the first show of the year was aired so Jarrid was sitting at #3 and he had not yet heard his song being played when they got to the #1 spot on the countdown. “I was in disbelief, shock, and in total aww as Walter began reading my bio so I knew this year was starting off right I then got on the phone and called mama.” Explains Jarrid Lee. 

Walter James Scott reads over Jarrid’s bio  “He is originally from St.Paul Alberta, he is an award winning singer/songwriter. Growing up he followed his dad Rollie’s band called County Express to many events getting a taste of the music life. His dad Rollie bought him his first electric guitar at the age of 12 and that’s when the endless hours of swollen fingers and sled teaching began. Although he had not received any formal training music lessons or guitar lessons he decided to start writing music at the age of 14. Now living in Saskatchewan in only 4 short years he has played at numerous venues and shows across western Canada opening up for such names as Trooper, Collin Raye, David Lee Murphy, Midland, and his idol Luke Bryan. He has also opened up shows for Tom Cochrane, Red Rider, and also music legend Tanya Tucker and many many more. That is an impressive list. Here is Canada’s Jarrid Lee with his #1 song on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown Up on Stage.” 

Jarrid explains further that he thanks ALL of his friends and family back home in the Lakeland as well as the new fans discovering Jarrid Lee for their continued love and support. “There will come a day when we can all gather together for some much needed live music but for now I’m only a click away.” To follow and support Jarrid please follow for updates and a full length album is on the horizon.

New Podcast and Live Shows 

I have decided that interviewing other artist will both be beneficial for them and myself to expand out network of like minded individuals to enhance the music experience for most listeners. I started my own podcast called "Backstage Pass" which has been, and will be airing every Saturday Night at 7pm CST on my Facebook Fan page at JarridPoitrasMusic where you can capture emerging artists as well as a few special highly established artists for an intimate interview from the comfort and safety of your own space. Each artist will be sharing new music live and unplugged along with the inspiration behind the songwriting process along with their personal story and journey that will be a way to for surely warm your heart.

 We hope that you can watch a few of the interviews and really get to know the artists you love behind the curtains for an up close and personal encounter hosted by yours truly for an exciting take on life in the music industry with the show called "Backstage Pass."

See you all on there

Jarrid Lee

My Music - Planet S 

If you want to know what songs inspire me then all you have to do is click on this link to get a glimpse of what really goes through my mind. 


Planet S

Album release and pre sale 

As you can imagine the past 2 years of my life have been hectic with getting married, going to school, graduating all while trying to record an album for everybody to enjoy on a students salary. Well I am happy to announce the arrival of the 5 song Jarrid Lee EP entitled “Up on Stage” that captures a few stories of how I grew up and one tale that will leave the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The tracks on the album are as follows:

Country Girls

Small town

Up on Stage

Glass of Wine

Spedden Devil 


I could tell you the story of how all these songs came to be but we can do that in person after this global pandemic subsides. The official release date is June 10th 2020 to all media platforms and radio across Canada with hopes of getting onto satellite radio so that we can reach a larger audience.

A presale of the album will be going up on May 27th 2020 so you can order your copy then on ITunes or whichever supplier you obtain your music. This has been a journey and an amazing project so the goal now is to get as many spins on the radio, streams, views, shares, likes and purchases as humanly possible, so let’s share this release with everybody we know .

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support. Yours forever in music Jarrid Lee

Post review for Indigenous Music Residency 2020 

There was no shortage of talent at the Elkhorn Resort in Manitoba over the past week with numerous artists all specializing in their respective genres and disciplines. I was excited to fly to Winnipeg and meet up with the staff of Manitoba Music on our free day prior to heading out to the resort so I decided to take in the sites and find the nearest stage with music. Luckily there was a Festival going on in the windy City of Winnipeg which had multi award winning fiddle champion Patti Kusturok playing so I attended her show.

The next morning was an early rise with no rest for the wicked as we boarded our charter bus to make way to the resort which was about a 3hr trip so some of the artists and mentors were getting to know one another. We were greeted with a sharing circle and smudge to Treaty 2 territory lead by a local elder in which we would have to share where we were in music and what we were expecting out of the week residency. 

We started the evening off with an awesome variety of respectful singers enticingly serenading each other as karaoke stars up until we were blown away from a duo between Jace Martin and Crystal Shawanda singing Shallow to a tee as uproar of applause from an utterly impressed crowd rang through the resort.

Our first couple of days were jam packed with different topics on which every artist needs in order to be successful and we were graced with the presence of numerous professional presenters all very deeply educated in their profession. I had a lot of my questions answered and now know what to do when it comes to sharing my music with the world.

The hardest part of the time there was the showcase having a trio of well established and ground breaking mentors pay 100% attention to our 2 song showcase, and giving feedback we may or may not like to hear but it’s the truth. I found myself giving in to the process and opening my heart and sharing a very emotional tribute to a high school friend that lost his life to cancer through song and knowing that somewhere I made his wife and children happy with this honour. I got feedback that I know will change my life and now I know which direction to go and exactly what it needs to be successful in my respective genre.

We had 1 last night of music for an open mic and we all shared songs that were near and dear to our hearts leaving no dry eye in the resort and we had enough time to write a song and lay a few tracks with the legendary David Strickland for a very special departure. With love, and music anything is possible. I made new friends that I now consider all to be my family and I have a huge announcement that I will be heading south for a very long awaited trip.

So stay tuned I have new music coming out very soon. 

Yours in music

Jarrid Lee

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  • Corbin Poitras
    Corbin Poitras Elk point ab
    Congrats on your success jarrid!

    Congrats on your success jarrid!

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P Hometown
    I remember your first unplugged live concert on the Conklin airstrip. That was epic and the beginning of a spectacular career. Awesome work and dedication and I'm honored to call you brother. The charged meeting speaker, your amp and two microphones. I seen it "up on stage" that night. Can't wait for you to rock the wedding!

    I remember your first unplugged live concert on the Conklin airstrip. That was epic and the beginning of a spectacular career. Awesome work and dedication and I'm honored to call you brother.
    The charged meeting speaker, your amp and two microphones. I seen it "up on stage" that night. Can't wait for you to rock the wedding!

  • shelley
    shelley kehewin
    Hi Jarrid, we are coming to watch you at dene this weekend

    Hi Jarrid, we are coming to watch you at dene this weekend

  • Vag
    Vag Saskatchewan
    Keep that aim set high, brutha, proud of ya!

    Keep that aim set high, brutha, proud of ya!