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"It's Time" is a 6 song album that has Jarrid walking a fine line between modern country and something new that can only be described as new Indigenous Country Music. 3 single tracks that have up beat two stepping on one hand and a deep grassroots connection to Jarrid's Iyiniw upbringing on the other hand. Here is a brief description of the album. 

Song 1. Let’s Get Gone (Single) - features world renowned fiddle player and award winning multi instrumentalist Jake Clayton from Nashville Tennessee sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in Country Music Jake elevates this song to new heights. Let's Get gone can be found on CBC Country channel 171 on Sirius XM and has also reached the Indigenous Music Countdown peaking at #8 and the Canadian Indie Country Countdown at #12.

Song 2. Good Man Down - I wrote this song after too many people telling me how to live my life... and yes with those all time favorite words (you should.) It seems that the older I get the more I get to decide what it is that I want to do with my life and there comes a time when you just have to say you can't keep a good man down and move forward.

Song 3. It’s Time- This song is the feature track off the whole album and was written 2 years ago with the sole intent of sharing what negative ripple effects are still present in today's society. It's time was written for Sept 30th's orange shirt day which is now known as Canada's Day for Truth & Reconciliation. Song is a unique blend of traditional hand drumming that represents the heartbeat we all hear from birth and features Indigenous Singer Marcus Longjohn.

Song 4. The Addict- This song was written last year for National Addictions Awareness Week and it touches on a lot of issues that people face today and there is hope for everyone all it takes is a helping hand and the will to change.

Song 5. All night (Single) A top 40 country song that tells the story of a boy meets girl, they fall in love have a family and grandkids. Their lives would all be changed forever and it started with just one kiss that took the boy all night. Based on a true story my good friend lost her husband to cancer and with her permission this is their song. All Night will be released in November with proceeds going towards men's cancer awareness.

Song 6. My best friend featuring "Chief & Council" no not that C&C but Jarrid's band of brothers that have been backing up Jarrid for the past few years is a song that tells the story of losing two very important people in Jarrid's life. Catch award winning Indigenous talent on this track with a nice touch of the northern sound we all grew up on.

CLICK HERE for the link to buy your copy of the album or save it to your playlist.


My new debut single “It’s Time” was by far the hardest song to write with the true intent shedding light on the history of residential school and its lasting effect. This song will be the feature single off my new album It’s Time and it is now available on all digital platforms and we did also include our unofficial music video that is available to view now on YouTube.
With Phyllis Webstad’s story triggering how her orange shirt got ripped from her and replaced with residential school scrubs this started a movement and helped inspire hope. This event which has in fact turned into a national holiday was a call to action utilized to commemorate the lost ones and honour the survivors. I first went to a residential school when I was 3 years old after it was taken over from my grandparents and numerous elders from surrounding reserves and communities that was turned into a high school.
This place was where we went to day care and it was also a place where we had to learn the English language knowing we would need it if we wanted to survive in this world. No I don’t have any bad stories about this place however the stories my family had about their survival was kept quiet until i learned about the impacts of colonization when I returned to the same school only this time as a college student. 
It’s time for change but it has to start with you, stand up for what’s right and be the change you want to see in the world. Attached is links for where to find the world debut for “Its Time”





Music Video 

My 2nd studio album is almost complete and with the lead single called "Its Time" finalized there will be a music video shot in the near future. Orange shirt day is a day that honors the survivors of residential school and commemorates the little one's we needlessly lost during the forced colonization process. This song is done with respect of those we have lost in mind and the music video will have more than enough visuals to capture the true essence of a song needed to heal the nation. It's time for us as a society and as human beings to feel this pain cause by government and church and find true ways of reconciliation so we can move forward together. This song is not meant to place any blame or make anybody feel guilty but will be used as an engagement tool and learning lesson for those who will need help to understand the true history of Canada. We will be filming during the course of September with the video set to release on Sept 30th 2021.


Country 100 Radio Interview  

Great interview with Courtney Fielder with the inside scoop on how the song “Lets Get Gone” came into fruition with Marcella J Poitras. This song also features one of the best fiddle players around Jake Clayton currently plays with the legendary Tanya Tucker and we met when we opened up for them a couple years ago at The Venue at River Cree. This song for sure has some icing on the cake if you love fiddle..... I know I do. Thank you to Country 100 for the love and support.  

Song produced by Terry Hoknes in Saskatoon with my friends from Georgia at 
Associated with Saskatchewan Country Music Association and SaskMusic 
Mentioned Taste of Saskatchewan 
Country Thunder Music Festivals 
UK Export marketing through Michelle Hatcher Media 
Featured on Canadian  Indie Country Countdown 
Currently on top 40 North American Chart

Click INTERVIEW to listen.


After receiving a notification that my new song “Let’s Get Gone” was added to a countdown that features some of North America’s top Indigenous Artists I nearly jumped out of my skin.

The Indigenous Music Countdown is hosted by Roz McIvor, who spotlights today’s best new Indigenous music and shares interviews from artists who range from several genres including; hip-hop, rock, country, alternative, rock, folk and pop/dance. 

NCI has been producing Canada’s longest running Indigenous music chart program since 2000. 

“The name change is in recognition of the term Indigenous, now commonly used both nationally and globally. Over the last few years we’ve also begun to receive music from as far away as Australia and the U.S., so it’s a natural progression. We’re also experiencing a lot of momentum because of a very wide reach, due to our broadcast partners.” said David McLeod, Executive Producer of the IMC. 

“We began airing the countdown after partnering with NCI in January of 2015 and continue to recognize the amazing music that exists within the Indigenous community,” said Jeff Leake, Director, Music Programming, SiriusXM Canada. “We’ve also added a number of singles to our regular rotation from the Indigenous Music Countdown.”

Being able to share my music with listeners from all over Turtle Island is now a dream come true and I hope we can gain your love and support through some very much needed votes to climb the chart.

Click HERE to register and vote for your favourite artists.

Yours in music


Jarrid Lee


National Indigenous Peoples Month  

Get ready for a virtual concert folks featuring some of Saskatchewan Canada’s top Indigenous Artists.

Our National Indigenous History Month concert premieres here and on our YouTube page June 24 at 7pm. You'll get to see the results of our video mentorship project over the past weeks, with songs from these amazing artists:  
Allison Rae Strong Music  Angus Vincent  Berk Jodoin music  Biz Nico  Donny Parenteau  GypsyMoonbird  Jarrid Lee  Lyrico Keller - Undergroundlife Productions-UGL  #NigeB 306nowujalo306  Patrick Moon Bird  Raven Reid  Riva Farrell-Racette  #RyanPeekeekoot  #TerriBear  #yvonnestgermaine  

Learn more about them:,article/7108/national-indigenous-history-month-concert-june-24

We acknowledge the financial support of  
The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (FACTOR). the Government of Canada and of Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier de FACTOR, du gouvernement du Canada, et des radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada. 
With thanks to MBC Radio, SaskTel maxTV Local on Demand and Creative Saskatchewan



Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase 

What a dream come true this is HUGE NEWS.
As an emerging global country artist I am humble to announce I have been selected to participate in a showcase where I have the potential to win:

-Single release with Warner Music Canada 
-Performance at Boots & Hearts Festival in 2022

-Professional Songwriting Session 
-Management Sessions from Invictus Entertainment

Click HERE to cast your vote and help make my dream come true.


Jarrid Lee

New Radio Single  

Are you ready for some new music? 

"Let's Get Gone" based on a true story.....just ask my wife Marcella J Poitras she's the one who wanted to get the heck out of St.Paul and back into the big bright city lights of Saskatoon.  
We literally left every stone unturned in my old dirt town and decided to just pack up one night and go, so as we were packing I laughed and told her I know you don't like it here so................... 

I'm more than certain we have all been feeling a little  more than cooped up lately and this song is dedicated to anyone that has been craving that feeling of walking down the isle to an awaiting jet plane or to the avid road tripper this song is definitely for YOU!  

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: June 3rd to Canadian Country Radio and College Radio in North America along with June 10th on all Digital Platforms 

Pre-save is song here

 Yours in music Jarrid Lee 

Photo Credits = Laurel T Sapp Photography

New Music Video coming soon......... 

It’s apparent that every artist needs to be able to have a visual along with their music that can better tell the story so we are doing just that. I have been living in Saskatoon for 5 years now and I have had the opportunity of working in one of the most beautiful buildings downtown called the Remai Modern Art Gallery where we filmed “Up on Stage” on location as well as the rooftop.

Once I had an idea in my head it was hard to let go so I began searching out for people to help make this visual art into a living piece I can be proud of and I didn’t have to search very far until running into Canadian Indigenous Hip Hop Legend Barry “Blu” Morin.

We began coming up with a story line with the purpose  behind the music video focused on being up on stage alone with no fans, and with all the back and forth work we put into the storyline I’m certain you will all like it. We find as artists we are missing entertaining along with all of your loving support as fans we all miss being “Up on Stage.”

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the music video on YouTube, Facebook, Tidal and Vimeo in May of 2021.... and NEW MUSIC COMING SOON TOO!!!!!!!

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  • Corbin Poitras
    Corbin Poitras Elk point ab
    Congrats on your success jarrid!

    Congrats on your success jarrid!

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P Hometown
    I remember your first unplugged live concert on the Conklin airstrip. That was epic and the beginning of a spectacular career. Awesome work and dedication and I'm honored to call you brother. The charged meeting speaker, your amp and two microphones. I seen it "up on stage" that night. Can't wait for you to rock the wedding!

    I remember your first unplugged live concert on the Conklin airstrip. That was epic and the beginning of a spectacular career. Awesome work and dedication and I'm honored to call you brother.
    The charged meeting speaker, your amp and two microphones. I seen it "up on stage" that night. Can't wait for you to rock the wedding!

  • shelley
    shelley kehewin
    Hi Jarrid, we are coming to watch you at dene this weekend

    Hi Jarrid, we are coming to watch you at dene this weekend

  • Vag
    Vag Saskatchewan
    Keep that aim set high, brutha, proud of ya!

    Keep that aim set high, brutha, proud of ya!