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Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring world of Jarrid Lee, a rising country-rock sensation hailed for his unique blend of authentic narratives and compelling melodies. The Plains Cree musician, based in Saskatoon, is a multiple SCMA and SaskMusic nominee, cementing his place as a genuine voice in the country music scene. Fans of Don Amero, Brett Kissel, and Chris Stapleton will find a kindred spirit in Jarrid's artistry. Known for chart-topping singles like "That's How You Country," his music serves as a vibrant tapestry that weaves the cultural richness of Indigenous storytelling with universal themes of love, resilience, and community. Jarrid Lee isn't just an artist; he's a cultural ambassador echoing the calls for social change, showcased in his stirring guest blogs and philanthropic efforts. Hit 'Follow' and explore Jarrid Lee's music—a harmonious blend of country-rock that speaks to the soul and ignites the spirit.

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If you find yourself captivated by the compelling narratives and soulful performances of artists like Don Amero, Brett Kissel, and Jason Benoit, then it's time you let Jarrid Lee's music grace your ears. Imagine the heartland storytelling of Prairie States meeting the emotive vocal depth of Chris Stapleton, or the relatable themes of Duane Steele juxtaposed with the infectious energy of Luke Bryan. That's the evocative soundscape Jarrid crafts in his authentic country-rock anthems.


Proudly Plains Cree, Jarrid's music is an evocative blend of country rock, rooted in both his Indigenous heritage and his unwavering love for hockey, his country, and his community. He crafts authentic anthems that resonate with resilience and a fierce will of intent, infusing every note with grit and earnest emotion.


With a growing catalog that's garnered him SCMA and SaskMusic nominations, not to mention chart-topping singles like "Up on Stage" and "That's How You Country," Jarrid Lee's music is as real as it gets. Yet, his true essence lies in his humility. While his songs often blaze through the country rock airwaves, reaching as far as Australia and Ireland, he is a musician who would never claim the spotlight for himself. His work in advocacy speaks volumes, often serving as a rallying cry for social change, notably in the sphere of Indigenous rights.


Jarrid Lee is more than just a musician; he's a voice for change—a soft-spoken luminary who would tell you he's just doing what he loves. But make no mistake, his music has the power to touch souls and inspire a new wave of thinkers and changemakers. Listen, and you'll understand why.


Follow Jarrid Lee and be part of a journey that melds melody, meaning, and an undying spirit of community.


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In the vast, musical landscape of country-rock, few artists manage to embody authenticity, musical prowess, and social activism quite like Jarrid Lee. Hailing from Saskatoon and representing the Plains Cree community, Jarrid isn't merely a musician; he's a powerful voice that transcends cultural and musical boundaries, echoing with stories of resilience, unity, and the human condition.


Born with a burning passion for music and an innate talent for storytelling, Jarrid's journey into the musical world was both inevitable and fiercely self-driven. As an Indigenous artist, his rich cultural tapestry provides the backdrop for songs that are uniquely Canadian yet universally relatable. While he resonates with the intimate stories and emotions that make country music a beloved genre, it's his infusion of rock elements that gives Jarrid's style a unique edge, a true testament to his roots in both realms.


Jarrid's authentic country-rock style has earned him numerous accolades and cemented his place as a potent figure in Canadian music. With a debut 5-song EP titled “Up on Stage,” he burst onto the scene, capturing immediate attention and securing six SCMA nominations, two SaskMusic nominations, and a coveted Songwriters Award for his hit “Small Town” through CKRM's “Spirit of Saskatchewan.” Not to mention, “Up on Stage” clinched the #1 spot on Sirius XM 165 The Indigiverse and the Canadian Indie Country Countdown.


His sophomore project, a 6-song album called It's Time, extended his reach beyond Canadian borders. The album's song “Let's Get Gone” peaked at #8 on the Top 40 IMC and reached listeners in Ireland and Australia. A music video for the song amassed 7k likes just two months after its debut, showcasing Jarrid's video appeal. The same album has received seven SCMA nominations and a SaskMusic Nomination, and is currently in the running for Album of the Year for 2023 through SaskMusic.


But Jarrid Lee isn't simply a musician. He's a multifaceted artist and cultural ambassador. His song “It's Time” was featured in Willie Littlechild's presentation for Truth & Reconciliation of Canada to the United Nations as a symbol of hope. He's been featured in the CTV series “Acting Good” and has been honored with nominations for the Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards and Josie Music Awards in Nashville.


If you're a fan of resonant voices like Don Amero, Brett Kissel, Jason Benoit, Prairie States, Charlie Major, Duane Steele, Chris Stapleton, or Luke Bryan, then Jarrid Lee belongs in your playlist. His work deftly captures the down-to-earth honesty of Brett Kissel, the vulnerable masculinity of Chris Stapleton, and the rousing spirit of Luke Bryan, all while standing in a league of his own.


Yet for all his accolades, Jarrid remains incredibly grounded. His humility can almost eclipse his immense talent—a harmony of the musician and the man behind the music. This sense of humility aligns with his broader mission, a balance of offering universally relevant music while amplifying the stories, struggles, and victories of the Indigenous community.


In this dual role of artist and advocate, Jarrid makes an indelible mark. His latest single, “I Don't Back Down,“ encapsulates this perfectly. The single explores themes of resiliency, shame, and being hurt by what you love—subject matter that resonates across cultural lines yet speaks to the unique experiences of the Indigenous community. And with guest blogs and advocacy work, he takes his message a step further, using his platform to speak on critical issues like his family's history with residential schools in Canada.


Jarrid Lee isn't merely here to entertain; he's here to enlighten and inspire. As he strums his guitar and pens lyrics that blend personal narratives with universal truths, one thing is certain: Jarrid Lee isn't just another name in the musical directory; he's a storyteller for a generation, a voice for the voiceless, and a talent impossible to ignore. So, go ahead, delve into the soul-stirring world of Jarrid Lee and prepare to be enchanted by the harmonious blend of love, culture, and bare, beautiful music.