New Radio Single

Are you ready for some new music? 

"Let's Get Gone" based on a true story.....just ask my wife Marcella J Poitras she's the one who wanted to get the heck out of St.Paul and back into the big bright city lights of Saskatoon.  
We literally left every stone unturned in my old dirt town and decided to just pack up one night and go, so as we were packing I laughed and told her I know you don't like it here so................... 

I'm more than certain we have all been feeling a little  more than cooped up lately and this song is dedicated to anyone that has been craving that feeling of walking down the isle to an awaiting jet plane or to the avid road tripper this song is definitely for YOU!  

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: June 3rd to Canadian Country Radio and College Radio in North America along with June 10th on all Digital Platforms 

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 Yours in music Jarrid Lee 

Photo Credits = Laurel T Sapp Photography