Music Video

My 2nd studio album is almost complete and with the lead single called "Its Time" finalized there will be a music video shot in the near future. Orange shirt day is a day that honors the survivors of residential school and commemorates the little one's we needlessly lost during the forced colonization process. This song is done with respect of those we have lost in mind and the music video will have more than enough visuals to capture the true essence of a song needed to heal the nation. It's time for us as a society and as human beings to feel this pain cause by government and church and find true ways of reconciliation so we can move forward together. This song is not meant to place any blame or make anybody feel guilty but will be used as an engagement tool and learning lesson for those who will need help to understand the true history of Canada. We will be filming during the course of September with the video set to release on Sept 30th 2021.