My new debut single “It’s Time” was by far the hardest song to write with the true intent shedding light on the history of residential school and its lasting effect. This song will be the feature single off my new album It’s Time and it is now available on all digital platforms and we did also include our unofficial music video that is available to view now on YouTube.
With Phyllis Webstad’s story triggering how her orange shirt got ripped from her and replaced with residential school scrubs this started a movement and helped inspire hope. This event which has in fact turned into a national holiday was a call to action utilized to commemorate the lost ones and honour the survivors. I first went to a residential school when I was 3 years old after it was taken over from my grandparents and numerous elders from surrounding reserves and communities that was turned into a high school.
This place was where we went to day care and it was also a place where we had to learn the English language knowing we would need it if we wanted to survive in this world. No I don’t have any bad stories about this place however the stories my family had about their survival was kept quiet until i learned about the impacts of colonization when I returned to the same school only this time as a college student. 
It’s time for change but it has to start with you, stand up for what’s right and be the change you want to see in the world. Attached is links for where to find the world debut for “Its Time”